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Fall 1997/1998

  • Studies in Medieval Literature: Early Women Writers, Tilde Sankovich and William Paden, A
  • Studies in 19th-Century Literature: Francophone Writers, 19th Cent. Sources, Françoise Lionnet, A
  • Introduction to Graduate Studies, Wendy Wall, B
  • Literary Studies Colloquium I: Thinking Through Images, Kirstin Behnke

Winter 1997/1998

  • Studies in Medieval Literature II, Tilde Sankovich and William Paden, A
  • Studies in 19th -Century Literature: Writing History, Michal Ginsburg, A
  • Comparative Studies: Modernism and Memory, Scott Durham, A
  • Literary Studies Colloquium II, Kirstin Behnke

Spring 1997/1998

  • Writing Tutorial: Maryse Condé, Françoise Lionnet, A
  • Studies in 19th Century Art: Orientalism, Hollis Clayson, A
  • Literary Studies Colloquium III, Kirstin Behnke, A

Fall 1998/1999

  • Studies in the 20th Century: Hospitality and Generosity, Post-Colonial Literature, Mireille             Rosello, A
  • Special Topics Literature: Sea Views, Hélène Cixous, A
  • Humanities Seminar I: Cultures and Technologies of Time, Scott Durham, A
  • Research, Bernadette Fort

Winter 1998/1999

  • Studies in 20th Century: Francophone Literature and Film of SE Asia, Jane Winston, A
  • 18th Century Literature: France in the Age of Scandal, Bernadette Fort, A
  • Independent Study: Zola and Balzac, Michal Ginsburg, A
  • Independent Reading, Bernadette Fort
  • Humanities Seminar II, Scott Durham, A

Spring 1998/1999

  • Studies in 20th Century Literature, Scott Durham, A
  • Writing Tutorial, Mireille Rosello, A
  • Humanities Seminar III, Scott Durham, A

Fall 1999

  • Independent Study: 18th Century Orientalism, Literature and Art, Bernadette Fort, A
  • Independent Reading, Bernadette Fort
  • Independent Reading, Bernadette Fort

Winter 1999/2000

  • Studies in 18th Century: Enlightenment Discourses on Art, Bernadette Fort

Spring 1999/2000

  • Comprehensive Exams

             I.   Nineteenth-Century Literature and Art

II.   Eighteenth-Century Literature and Art

III. Theory

Fall 2000/2001

  • Studies in 19th Century Literature: Decadence, Françoise Gaillard      

January, 2004

  • Dissertation Defense: “The Body of the Mother: De-composing Zola’s Naturalist Vision in the Rougon-Macquart.” Committee: Dr. Sylvie Romanowski, Dr. Françoise Gaillard, Dr. William Paden, Dr. Scott Durham.