University of Georgia Course Work

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Fall 1995

  • French Literature of the Middle Ages, Catherine Jones, B
  • Francophone Women Writers, Jean-Pierre Piriou, B

Winter 1996

  • Literature of the Antilles, Jean-Pierre Piriou, A
  • 16th Century Literature, Jan Pendergrass, A

Spring 1996

  • Advanced French Syntax and Composition, Francis Assaf, A
  • History of the French Language, Diana Ranson, A

Summer 1996

  • Francophone Literature and Culture, Jean-Pierre Piriou, A
  • Spanish for Reading Knowledge, TA, A

Fall 1996

  • Teaching College French, Catherine Jones, A
  • Twentieth Century French Poetry, Nina Hellerstein, A

Winter 1997

  • Comprehensive Exams

Spring 1997

  • Masters Thesis: Germinal: La Tradition mythique et dialogique, une ├ętude comparative