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UCORE Academic Writing, 2013: “Get Real!: The Consumption of Reality and the Rhetoric of Watching.”

Question: Explain how good the course was

It was really engaging. Holly did a great job teaching it. I definitely progressed as a writer.

The teacher was well organized and an amazing professor!

Everything is good. The professor is very kind.

Enjoyed the content and the teaching. The material was interesting and I feel I improved as a writer. The course was well organized and followed the syllabus. The teacher was extremely helpful.

I thought the course provided a good foundation of which to start building an expertise in my writing. Holly was very helpful in giving us the proper steps to reach a higher proficiency and at writing.

She used interesting and stimulating novels to come up with our own theories of the different works. also I loved how she let us re submit papers for higher grades.

I enjoyed the content and pieces we studied. I feel like my writing has improved and I have been exposed to some interesting topics.

Course seems organized with lots of activities relevant to what we are learning

Good overall class! Learned a ton!

Very good class, always challenging

Question: Explain how challenging the course was

It was above average because it helped me improve my writing. Holly was able to challenge me, which allowed me to write in a more successful way.

The course was challenging but the professor was very willing to help at all times!

For me, the course is little bit hard to me. My writing ability is not excellent. But professor helps me a lot

My best work was always drawn out. She pushed us to create the best pieces of writing we possibly could.

The essays we were assigned were very challenging because the instructor expected well written and well thought out products.

>She made us come up with our own analysis and theorize what the author was saying which was a lot of fun.

Course was not too difficult but not too easy. It pushed my writing skills and made me think in different ways.

Quality of writing is expected to be very well done. Which i anticipated. Waddell really pushed us to our best

Always homework and constantly improving

Question: Instructor effectiveness

SHE WAS GREAT. I understood everything she taught. She was extremely helpful and always available if I were confused.

Very enthusiastic and made sure her students understood what was being taught! Very lucky to have her as a professor

Instructor is good in lecture discussions and enthusiasm and use of class time. Also the ability of presentation of subject matter is excellent.

She was passionate about the subject matter and knew what she was talking about which made her a good teacher. Her extreme willingness to help you do the best you could made her a great teacher.

Instructor met with students outside of class which was really helpful. The instructor was always open and ready to assist us with our work. Also gave constructive feedback used to improve our essays and assignments.

Holly was super quirky and enthusiastic about writing! Was great at connecting with students.

She was very effective at getting the material she was teaching across

She always dove into what we were learning and you could see how truly enthusiastic she was

For me, most of the learning came from what I did as homework. That being said, improvement on writing primarily comes from working at it, not being lectured on it. She was very open to any questions.

Nice and good communicator. Easy to talk to and always ready to help.

Really great at communicating with class. Very well prepared and ahead of the game.

had answers for every question

Question: Explain active learning

I was pretty interested. I paid attention because the workshop activities were really help. Also, the class discussions helped me incorporate multiple different ideas throughout my paper.

Writing assignments were constant in this class in order to improve our writing and thought process. Whole class and small group discussions were daily.

Doing very good

She was always extremely interested in student perspective and respected their ideas. There were many small group discussions where everyone participated. The material was interesting and relevant so people were interested in participating.

Group discussions were stressed upon and everyone actively participated. The instructor gave us many opportunities to express our thoughts in a safe environment.

We were always doing in class writing workshops, working with peers, or participating in class discussion. Well run.

She did a great job of keeping students attentive and ready.

We always had in class discussions in both small and large groups to get multiple viewpoints of what the author was trying to do.

We had a discussion of some sort every day in class and would regularly meet with a “writing partner” to edit eachothers’ work.

Lots of discussion, but big and small group that required participation.

Discussion circles, group activities, partner activities.

Always had people thinking

Question: Availability and helpfulness text

She was always available. I could meet with her at anytime that I need to. She was very easy to get in touch with.

Professor Holly was available to students at all times of the day! Whether it be over email or in the classroom, she was there to help.

We always have some short meetings with the instructor so that she would help us with essays or any other problems. So I think it’s really helpful

Most helpful teacher I have had. she would answer any questions and help with papers whenever needed.

Instructor consistently met with students outside of class and made sure we understood the material to help us succeed with our learning.

Always ready to meet whenever you needed!

She was always available and helpful being just a text message away.

She would always respond to email or phone calls and be easily available to discuss problems.

The professor actually gave us her homework and we could text her with any questions or to make an appointment. There was one time I wanted to meet with her but she couldn’t be on campus that day, so we made a time to do an over-the-phone meeting. She was very flexible and available.

Always willing to talk and meet with in and out of class

Always able to help.

Always helpful

Question: Additional comments


Great course and great teacher. Glad I was in the class

Everything is good.


Holly you were great I will miss you!

Question: Student contribution

I feel like I contributed a lot because I participated in class discussion.

I always came to class prepared and was open to suggestions. I completed my assignments and took advantage of professor’s willingness to stimulate my active learning.

I was always prepared with readings and homework

I spend lots of time in homework and studying. But I am poor in class participation. I need to improve this.

I was always prepared for class and worked hard to make sure I had completed the tasks for the day.

I was always active for in class discussions and tried to do good critiques of my peers writing.

I feel I did more assignments than most other students.

Loved it!

I feel like I contributed a good amount to the class and was active in class

I gave my best efforts to the class and dedicated a moderate chunk of my time to it

I tried to always be prepared and on time and put my best effort into the writing assignments.

Offered my info when necessary