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International Experience and Education    

Enthusiasm and a long-standing desire to promote international student education are just two of the qualities I would bring to Seattle University, along with my amply-demonstrated ability to work effectively with students, international staff members, and university faculty.

  • As a teacher of French for over seven years, I have encouraged study abroad from the first day of 101 through advanced levels. In every class I have invited speakers and international students, spoken openly of the rewards and challenges of my own year in France and travels throughout Europe, planned syllabi, lessons, and Web-based activities that prepared students for navigating their new environment, attended and participated in all organizational meetings with students, assisted in the application process, researched and discussed financial options and scholarships with students, and provided one-on-one counseling to those wishing to pursue their studies abroad. I also detailed how students who wanted to follow specialized career paths such as pre-med or pre-law could still take advantage of the opportunity to spend a year in another country.
  • I possess a strong familiarity with international students, study abroad, and academics. I have tutored international students at the Writing Center at Illinois Wesleyan, taught French language classes at the University of Georgia, Northwestern University, and Edmonds College, and instructed ESL classes in Chicago. In addition, I have hosted high-school and college students from France, Belgium, and Thailand in my home. I have also traveled extensively in Eastern and Western Europe and in Puerto Rico and spent my Junior year at the Institut d’Etudes Européennes (IES) in Nantes and Paris. I believe that my over fifteen years of experience working and studying in an international environment has given me a keen understanding of the challenges and opportunities international students face.
  • I have maintained a professional IES Paris Staff Memberand personal relationship with the Director of IES Paris, where I spent half of my Junior year. During my graduate work at Northwestern University, Dr. Marie-Anne Devaux and her colleagues visited my classes when they came to Chicago. This relationship fostered opportunities for my own students.
  • Beginning May 19th, I will hold a two-month position as Assistant Study Abroad Coordinator for the Institut d’Etudes Européennes in Paris, working directly for Mme. Devaux. The position will involve organizing excursions in France, accompanying and lodging with students, and managing travel arrangements and any student health emergencies. I will also hold bi-weekly meetings with the staff of IES and maintain a Web Page of on-going IES activities. I believe this would be an excellent preparation for assuming the role of Director of Study Abroad and International Students at Seattle University when I return on July 23rd.
  • While the majority of study-abroad students have a wonderful experience, I am able to effectively manage most problems and the common sense to know when to involve a professional. I have handled the most sensitive situations with maturity, compassion, and the utmost responsibility. In the past, I have assisted international students with serious health emergencies, personal issues, and student visa difficulties. I have dealt with lawyers, doctors, family members, and religious counselors on behalf of international students. These students trusted me because of my discreteness, my understanding, and my ability to quickly analyze and respond to their individual needs.